Turati idrofilo SpA manufactures cotton wool for over 70 years. Our cotton wool is available SEMI-MANUFACTURED IN TAPE for cotton converters (manufacturers of cotton pads and pleated cotton) and PACKAGED , for supermarket chains, retailers, wholesales, medical facilities, pharmacies, perfumeries , herbalists, with our quality trademark Cotton Plus, Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 or private labels.
We take care of the production from raw material to finished product, with a total quality control throughout the production process.
All our products are also available in certified organic
 cotton wool N. GOTS 2008-056.
Our continued research and attention to market’s evolution push us to steadily study and develop new products which respond to customer’s needs.

We manufacture only high quality 100% cotton wool in accordance with the European/ Italian Pharmacopoeia rules, according to European Directive 93/42/CEE and 47/2007/CEE for medical devices and in respect of the current Italian laws D.LGS. 194/99. All our products are manufactured in 100% cotton wool bleached with hydrogen peroxide, do not contain optical bleachers.

Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 Line

Patented worldwide novelty: 
The first dry make-up remover wipe, water activated. 100% natural, practical and good value for money.
Only the best for the skin of our consumers!

Cotton Plus Line

Our product range includes cotton wool for personal care for make-up removing for baby gentle care , for professional use in cosmetic and medical sector.
Available under Cotton Plus brand or private labels.

Semi-manufactured Line

100% hydro-entangled cotton wool tape (spunlace / nonwoven) or 100% traditional carded cotton wool tapesuitable for  manufacturers of cotton round, squares, ovals pads, pleated cotton and any other items in cotton wool.


Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 does not dry out like regular make-up remover wet wipes. Perfect to travel: it checks in with you because it is dry – no 100 ml limit!

Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 is a patented worldwide novelty

It looks like a regular cotton pad, but actually contains a heart of cleanser which gets activated in contact with water